Le Cinq

[Le Cinq]

Situated in Four Seasons (previously mentioned here), Le Cinq is famous even among the many outstanding French restaurants. Recently awarded its third Michelin Star, Le Cinq's food and service is impeccable and will always have you leaving in anticipation of your next visit.



At Epicure,the food is exceptional, but even better than its taste is its arrangement. Set up in different and innovative ways, each meal at Epicure looks like a piece of art so well prepared that you almost feel guilty for having to eat it. At least pictures can be taken!



Kei, a restaurant with a rather foreign name to the French, is run by a Japanese man named Kei Kobayashi. A perfect blend of French and Japanese cuisine, Kei is praised highly for both food representation and tastes. Ranking eleventh out of the restaurants in Paris, Kei is recognized for its revolutionary tastes, arrangements, and textures.