[Pink Paris]

The City of Love

From the sparkling city lights and the glowing Eiffel Tower to the delicious cuisine and marvelous art, Paris is the ideal spot for a vacation. Commonly known as the City of Love, Paris is home to many famous works of art including those by Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci. Not only is it a well-known spot for couples, but also for its involvement in fashion, as France was the first nation in the world to make it into an industry. With a total of 1,803 monuments and 173 museums in this city, it's perfect for sightseeing, as if the beautiful scenery wasn't enough. Paris is truly a magical place for avacation in which you can immerse yourself in the fascinating French culture and enjoy its beauty.


While planning on visiting such a large city, you have to know how to get there and how to travel when in Paris. Fortunately, Paris is easily accesible by plane from most locations, so book a flight and you're ready to go! Travel inside the city is just as easy with a bus or train pass that can found through online services such as this one, which also informs you of all you can do in Paris.