Kubo and the Two Strings

[CharlizeTheron] [MatthewMcConaughey] [ArtParkinson]



Young Kubo was supposed to a normal, happy child like anyone else, but all chances of that were ruined when his grandfather stole his eye when he was still small. Now, as a twelve year-old boy, he tells stories to those in his village using magic that derives from his shamisen, or a Japanese, three-stringed lute. With the money he collects from this, he cares for his sick mother. She tells him the story of his father, a samurai named Hanzo, and his great victories, but also tells him about his grandfather, the Moon King, who stole Kubo's eye and killed Hanzo.

Although Kubo's mother always warned him against staying outside after dark, one night, he does so anyways and encounters his mother's sisters, who try to take his other eye. They destroy his village, but his mother comes to protect him and sends him away for safety, giving him wings and telling him that he must find his father's armor. With this mission, Kubo, along with acquaintances Monkey and Beetle, sets out to find the armor and put a stop to the evildoing of his grandfather and aunts once and for all.


I thought this movie was great! It uses the theme of Japanese folklore to tell an amazing story of a young boy who must step up o help others just as his father before him did. My favorite part of the film was the animation, which looked so close to 3D animations when it was the tasking art of stopmotion. The movement of the characters was very fluid and life-like, adding to the list of amazing features in this movie. I would rate Kubo and the Two Strings 4.5 stars.

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AMC North Dekalb Mall 16 2050 Lawrenceville Hwy., Decatur, GA 30033 https://www.amctheatres.com/movie-theatres/atlanta/amc-north-dekalb-mall-16 P.O. Box 725489 Atlanta, GA 31139-9923
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